My Publishing Journey

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

"You should write a book!" I wish I had nickel for every time I've heard those words. Yes, I want to write a's on my bucket list, but about what? Well, it finally became's my journey.

The Story is Born

The world God created never ceases to amaze me. God provided for us in ways that we just take for granted. We wonder at the stars, we're amazed by a rainbow, the beauty of a flower can stop us in our tracks and how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly is mind boggling. It's usually nature that attracts our attention. We even thank God for giving us all these amazing, beautiful things. One day, looking at the simple "stuff" around me, I began to think about how everything on earth had to be made from the earth. After all, we can't resource raw materials from anywhere else. I know it sounds a little crazy, and you might think I had way too much time on my hands, but I just started looking at all that "stuff" around me and started trying to trace its parts back to the earth. I thought back to learning about natural resources in school, but I didn't recall any revelation or explanation that ALL things really do come from God. When my son was small, I brought the subject up to him on a long car ride to pass the time. Of course, he presented the normal reactions that I've gotten from every person since, that basically nature comes from God and stuff comes from people. Then one day as I was trying to explain the concept to a friend it hit me...I needed to find a way to write a book. I began outlining and researching...I even thought I'd need to hire some college students to help me trace everything back to the earth. After all,it would probably be over my head. But, it quickly became clear that there are really not that many natural resources and that all you needed to do was Google, "What is _____ made of?" and then do the same with the parts. It really seemed too simple. Let me deviate here a little....this scenario has presented itself to me time and time again in my life and probably in yours. You get a great idea, especially as you lay in bed at night when all things seem possible, then the next day life happens and reality sets in. The great idea becomes more of a burden of time, effort and usually impossible task and it is over before it even starts. Sometimes... it's just tucked away for another day. Well, that was my case...the idea kept rearing its head, until one day I recalled that trip in the car with my son and the story was born. A much better idea than the textbook-like book I had been imagining...a simple tale, a true one at that, of a grandmother (that's me) and her grandson playing a game to share about the unexpected generosity of our Creator.

My Tip: Retelling something that has actually happened is easier than creating a purely fictional time...from idea in my head to putting it on paper...

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