Can the Coronavirus Save Your Life?

We don't know what the impact of this coronavirus impact will be. Hopefully it won't touch your family. But, don't let it be wasted. Let this new virus scare force you to take a look at your (and your family's) susceptibility to any new virus and more.

Ask yourself...

  1. What's the state of your immune system?

  2. Does it seem your family catches everything that comes around? Flu, stomach viruses, colds. etc.

  3. When you do feel something coming on, how long does it last and how severe are the symptoms?

These can all be good indications of the health of your immune system as well as a reflection of your lifestyle and habits.

4. What's in your DNA? Cancer, Alzheimers, Heart Disease and much more. Are you destined to have the diseases of your ancestors?

Ask yourself these questions, then examine each area in the upcoming blogs to see what you can do to improve your body's response to illness and prevention of disease and protect your family.

Note: We all get sick...we're all going to pass from this life on earth. It's inevitable! The goal is to avoid premature aging, illness and disease that bring the costs of medications, hospitals, caretakers, family burdens, and loss of quantity and quality of time with loved ones. Our Creator created us and provided all we need along with instructions to help us be healthy so we can be happy and fulfill HIs plan for our lives.

Blogs coming will focus on the following areas:

1. Nutrition - What to eat and not eat? Why?

2. What does the Bible say?

3. Fasting - Fad or Not?-

4. How does movement affect the body?

4. Sleep, Exercise and Stress

Please comment with any questions you may have that I can include in upcoming posts.

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