Tilly Culbertson

the back to god game

I've worn a lot of hats in my sixty-two years, but the one I'm enjoying now was worth the wait. I chose this pic because having a grandchild in my lap is what makes any day the best. This is Alden, m first, and he just happens to be the main character in The Back to God Game. To all my grands I'm Granna, so naturally I decided to use that name for the grandmother in my first book based on a true story.


Twenty-five years in education as a teacher, administrator and founder of a private school, plus my roles as a wife, mother of two, grandmother of three with two on the way, sister, daughter of deaf parents, bakery owner, health coach, and now I've added author to my resume. Lots of people and fodder for more books to come.


I love the Lord and I love to teach, so sharing with you is a blessing to me. "Making a difference" may sound cheesy, but it motivates me to keep busy with the remaining years I'm granted. I am most appreciative of your support. Blessings!