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32 pages.

Read Aloud. Ages 5 and up


Creation Science


Natural Resources
Healthy Eating
Tower Gardening


Sample Pages from book and activity book

Where does everything on Earth really come from?


In this first book of "The Back to God Game" series, six-year-old Alden and his grandmother are returning home from a long trip and are playing the traditional "I Spy" game. The child is tired of playing, so the grandmother, Granna, remembers a game she played with her son when he was little and invites her grandson to play. The game involves taking any object and tracing it back to the original Creation. The story is the back-and-forth in the car that any parent or grandparent can relate. You will love the touching ending.

Following the story, there is an activity page for the reader to complete. Additional tips are added for parents, grandparents, and teachers to aid in continuing the Game. A website reference delivers even more activities for kids and their families in conservation, healthy eating, and more.

"Every child and adult needs to read this book."

"I've never thought about this before."

"I can't wait to play the game with my child."

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